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Armenian Symbols


Armenian eternity symbol Kerkhach or Arevkhach

World’s earliest attestations of Swastikas, Solar Disks, Sacred Bull, Tree of Life and countless other typical Indo-European iconographic symbols are found on Neolithic Petroglyphs all over Armenian Highlands.

Armenian Symbols: Eternity Symbol
The Wheel of Eternity is one of the country’s most ancient symbols. Its origin is traced to the early observations of the sky and worship of the Armenian Deity of the Sun. This celestial symbol has been named by the Armenians “Kerkhach” (literally curved-cross). However the solar symbol is known to the Armenian pagans “Arordi” (children of AR) as “Arevkhach” (sun-cross).Arevkhach The Armenian Wheel of Eternity represents time, recurrence, universe and the eternal motion of life. Moreover, the sign is known to be distinguished with both right and left-ward rotations. Clockwise usually stands for activity while the counter-clockwise represents passivity.
Armenian Symbols: Swastika
Swastika (or “Svastika” in its original pronunciation) is one of the oldest symbols on earth. Inverted Swastikas appear on cave drawings as early as the Neolithic period (7000-5000 BC) in Armenia. In Armenia  swastika is the symbol of eternity and eternal light. During the bronze age it was depicted on cauldrons, belts, medallions and other items.swastika
Both the design used for Swastika and its known meaning are considered to have roots. By looking at the roots of the word svastika, we can construct two Indo-European meanings: brilliant/shining (svar) and powerful/god (asti), creating “all powerful/ shining god” (svarsti). The source of light was and is the sun. Swastikas can also be seen on early Medieval churches and fortresses. The same symbol can be found on Armenian Carpets, Khachkars (cross-stones) and in medieval manuscripts, as well as on modern monuments.

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