Geghard Monastery

Monastery GeghardCave monastery of Geghard (Spear) is located 40 km southeast from Yerevan, on the extension line of Yerevan-Garni. Numerous travelers around Armenia find this monastery remarkable.Geghard Monastery was one of the major centers of spiritual culture and the church lands of medieval Armenia. Here at the beginning of the IV century was founded and named Ayrivank Monastery (“cave monastery”).

Geghard Monastery: The Holy Lance
The monastery got its current name in the XIII century, when The Holy Spear. According to legend that was the same Spear by which the Roman soldier Longinus pierced the body of Jesus Christ. They say that a wooden piece of Noah’s ark was once preserved in the monastery territory.
Geghard Monastery: The Holy Virgin Church
Land and cave buildings are united by a common compositional and stylistic design. The ground construction of Geghard – the main church of the Virgin, was built on the western facade of the monastery in the first quarter of the XIII century. Two cave churches borders with Gavit from the north side, and above them is a large tomb, which is also located inside the rock.
Geghard Monastery: The Chapel
The most ancient monument of the monastery is a small chapel, which is located on the western side of the complex. On the wall of the chapel are engraved several inscriptions, where are listed 1177, 1181 years.Monastery Geghard
The complex includes the main church of the monastery (Katoghike church), which was built by Zakarians Princess in 1215. One of the interesting types of structures are so-called arches (zhamatun). Porch, as a rule, almost always is attached to the western facade of the church.

On the walls of the building one can see interesting sculptures of birds, images of people (presumably the Apostles), khachkars (cross-stones), which are decorated with a variety of outlets, etc.

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