Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery Tatev Monastery: The Origin of The Name
Tatev monastery is IX century architectural ensemble, which has been repeatedly attacked by alien invaders and was subjected to disruptions due to numerous earthquakes. There is a legend concerning the origin of the name “Tatev”. According to the legend the architect’s decided to self-install the cross on the dome of the temple. When the master saw that the student is decorating the temple without the knowledge, master flew into a rage. Seeing this the student rushed into the abyss, asking God to give him wings (Tal Tev). The temple was built on the site of an ancient pagan temple. Temple, which was located in a remote place and surrounded by powerful fortifications, had strategic location: it was on the side of a cliff In the gorge at the bottom of which flows the river Vorotan.

Tatev Monastery: The University
Since the founding Tatev Monastery was the religious center of Syunik kingdom and one of the most important centers of science and education throughout Armenia. At the end of the XIV century on the territory of Tatev monastery complex was founded the largest university in the South Caucasus, where numerous subjects such as philosophy, theology, physics, mathematics, astronomy, calligraphy, learning the art of miniatures and many others were taught. In the monastery, in addition to 500 monks lived philosophers, musicians and artists.
Tatev Monastery: Saint Paul-Peter Church
On the territory of Tatev Monastery complex are located several monuments that have historical value. The most important among them is the Temple of Surb Boghos Petros, or the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, which was built in 895-906 years. There are preserved the relics of the apostles Boghos (Paul) and Petros (Peter) inside the church. On a plain architecture background you can see a cruciform shape conspicuous window near the main entrance. Unfortunately the rich frescoes that adorned the walls of buildings were not preserved.  On the right from the entrance to a small tomb was buried Armenian philosopher Gregory of Tatev or Grigor Tatevatsi(1346-1409). Gregory of Tatev was an Armenian philosopher, theologian and a saint in the Armenian Apostolic church.  He was the last figure which was numbered among the Armenian Church as a saint. The relics of the 11 Apostles, the Apostle Paul, Gregory the Illuminator, St.. Hripsimeh and the hair of the Holy Virgin were preserved in Tatev Monastery.
Tatev Monastery: The Holy Virgin Church
The Church of St. Astvatsatzin (Church of the Holy Virgin) that was built in 1087 is also included in the Monastery Complex. This church was a guard tower, as it was located on the hill.
Tatev Monastery: Gavazan Monastery
On the territory of the complex is located the Gavazan Monastery that was built in 904. Octagonal stone pillar, jewelry built in an octagonal pedestal. Column holds exactly the upright position, and based on the joints, it is easy to jiggle.

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