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Armenia: Location
Armenia is one of the ancient countries in the world. Armenia is located in the northeastern part of the ancient volcanic Armenian Highlands, which are also called “Islands of Mountains”. The highest point of Armenian Highlands is Mount Ararat (Masis), which is 5165 m. On the north the country borders with Georgia, on the east-with Azerbaijan, in the west- with Turkey and in the south-with Iran. The country spans 29.743 square km of mountainous terrain centered around the Ararat Valley. The population of the country is about 3,231,900. The country is highly urbanized, with 64 percent of all residents living in cities or towns.

Armenia: Adoption of Christianity
The name Hay has been compared to the ethnonym of Armenians (Hayasa). The Hayasa word referred to a Nairi tribal union, which existed until late 13th century BC. This is the first country in the world which adopted Christianity as a state religion in 301. An important contribution to the development of national culture was the creation of the Armenian alphabet in 405 scholar monk Mesrop Mashtots. The oldest mentions of Armenia comes from hieroglyphs, inscriptions of the Persian king Darius I, in 522-486 B.C. Armenia established economic relationship with ancient countries and societies which played great role in formation of Armenian language, religion, social-political institutes and cultural environment of the country. The country established economic, political and trade bridges between various countries. This way the country was visited by countless traders, travelers and pilgrims. This was also one of the causes that provided various invasions of Armenia. Armenia was attacked and persecuted by the Turks, Persians, Romas, Greeks, Arabs and etc.
The capital of Armenia is Yerevan which is also the largest city in the country. The capital is situated on the left side of the Araks river, which flows through the Ararat valley.


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