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Hostels in Yerevan

International Hostel Yerevan

International Hostel Yerevan

International Hostel Yerevan is located on Leningradyan 23 in the capital. There are 20 rooms in the Hostel and metro station Barekamutyun is situated nearby. Hostel is offering the following ... Read More »

Glide Hostel

glide hostel

Glide Hostel is situated on Kalents 16 in Yerevan. Metro Station Barekamutyun is located nearby the Hostel. The guests can reserve private rooms and shared dormitories. There are 10 rooms ... Read More »

Silk-Road Hotel in Yerevan

Silk Road

The Silk-Road Hotel is situated in Aygedzor 53/2 in Yerevan, Armenia. There are 13 rooms in the Hotel, where one can find satellite TV, air conditioning, baths. The rooms are ... Read More »

One Way Stepanakert Hostel

Stepanakert One Way Hotel

One Way Stepanakert Hostel is situated on Kamo 14 in the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh. The guests can use private and shared rooms. The hostel is offering the following facilities: free ... Read More »

One Way Sakharov Hostel

Sakharov One Way Hostel

One Way Sakharov Hostel is situated on Sakharov 4 in the capital. There are 6 rooms in the Hostel, where one can find a fan. The hostel offers shared bathroom ... Read More »