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Hotels in Armenia

Nane Hotel

Nane Hotel in Gyumri

Hotel Nane is situated in the very center of Gyumri on G.Nzhdeh 1/5. There are 14 comfortable rooms the hotel, which are equipped with satellite TV, mini-bar, free wi-fi and a ... Read More »

Villa Aygedzor Hotel

Villa Aygedzor Yerevan

Villa Delenda is located in quite district Aygedzor, nearby the British Embassy and the American University of Armenia. This cozy hotel has 17 comfortable rooms, which are equipped with air ... Read More »

Art-Hotel Berlin in Gyumri

Berlin Hotel in Gyumri

Berlin Art-Hotel is situated in the veru center of Gyumri on Haghtanak ave 25. The hotel has 15 rooms which are equipped with soundproof windows, a flat-screen TV, desk, private ... Read More »

Araks Hotel in Gyumri

Araks Hotel Gyumri

Araks hotel is located in Gyumri, on Gorki 31. There are 17 rooms in the hotel, which are equipped with a minibar with cool drinks. If you are in a ... Read More »

Prague Hotel in Yerevan

prague hotel

Prague Hotel is located on Tumanyan street in the center of Yerevan, nearby the Moscow Cinema. There are 5 comfortable rooms in the Hotel, which are equipped with free wi-fi, ... Read More »