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House-museum of Minas Aveitsyan

 House-museum of Minas AveitsyanThe House-museum of Minas Aveitsyan was founded in 1977. It is situated on Nalbandyan st. in Yerevan.The new trend in painting of the fifties certainly owed a great deal to Minas Avetisyan. Avetisyan’s creative career was short- from 1960 to 1975, but in those years he made a valuable contribution.

House-Museum of Minas Aveitsyan: Artist’s work During this short time he created about 500 canvases, paintings, more than 20 frescoes and projects for dozens of theater performances. His imagery is unique throughout in his fine drawings, murals and, above all, his paintings which reveal his great gift as a colorist, through which he can convey subtle mood and a wide angle of emotion. Portraits, still lives and scenes by Avetisyan are full of mysterious charm, and, unlike Saryan though they are static they betray dramatic tension. As for his landscapes, especially those semi fantastic, yet somehow nevertheless real views of Djadjur, his native village, are a trend on their own with the Armenian landscape school.House-museum of Minas Aveitsyan

House-museum of Minas Aveitsyan
Unfortunately, a huge number of Avetisyan’s paintings were lost during the fire in his studio in 1972. In addition to the House-museum in Yerevan, the artist’s works are also represented in the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Museum of the Oriental Art in Moscow. Minas Avetisyan was rewarded posthumously with the State Prize of Armenia.

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