Welcome to Golden Apricot Tour – your guide to the world of incredible adventures and the richness of Armenian culture!

Since 2016, we have been proud to organize quality holidays for our valued guests, turning a trip to Armenia into an unforgettable experience.

Over 7 years of work, we at Golden Apricot Tour have not only gained valuable experience in organizing tours, but also formed a strong team of professionals who create the ideal atmosphere for your vacation!

You can choose one of the excursions presented on our website, or entrust us with your turnkey trip, from hotel booking to recommendations for choosing wine in a restaurant.

At the same time, if you want to go beyond the standard routes, we will be happy to support any of your ideas and organize a tour along the individual route you choose.

We at Golden Apricot Tour organize transfers for you between cities, from and to the airport, and to any destination and route.
Your tours with us can start from Tsakhkadzor or Yerevan, or from any other point in Armenia.

To do this, we have a wide fleet of vehicles – from comfortable sedans to buses, we have transport for any company and route. In particular, we invite you to pay attention to our off-road routes through the most picturesque places of Armenia.

On any of our tours, you can be accompanied by professional guides – real experts in the history and culture of Armenia, who turn each excursion into an exciting journey. Guided tours with Golden Apricot Tour are not only about dates and facts, but also about emotions, allowing you to truly feel the soul of the places you visit. We don’t just conduct a tour – we immerse you in the centuries-old heritage of Armenia and the history of this land.

The high level of our work has already been appreciated by hundreds of tourists from both Russia and many European countries. We are proud to partner with travel agencies from many cities in Russia and the world, who again and again trust us to organize the holidays of their tourists and we strive to exceed their expectations in every detail. After all, for us there is no question or task that we cannot complete.
Group and individual tourist routes, hotel bookings, transfers throughout Armenia, tours for large companies, rental of ski equipment, instructors for children and adults, off-road tours and much more are included in the range of Golden Apricot Tour services.

And we are especially happy that more and more tourists choose Armenia for their vacation. After all, Armenia is a country where antiquity is intertwined with modernity, and each stone carries its own unique story. A unique combination of rich history, authentic architecture and breathtaking nature, where everyone will find exactly the type of holiday that they like.

You can forget about the everyday bustle and immerse yourself in the meditative atmosphere of monasteries, where time seems to have stopped. These shrines, imbued with the spirit of faith and exceptional architecture, will reveal to you unique aspects of religious heritage.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of mysterious Armenian fortresses standing on the tops of mountains, like guardians of time.

Enjoy the sunset over Lake Sevan. Make a stop at the workshops of local artisans. Products of Armenian craftsmen, textiles and national jewelry will become a unique souvenir reminiscent of your exciting journey.

Get ready to experience a variety of Armenian cuisine – from freshly baked lavash to juicy piping-hot kebab. Golden Apricot Tour will bring not only colors to your memories, but also all the richness of the tastes of Armenia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try real Armenian coffee and local sweets. Every sip will awaken in you warm memories of the caring welcome and hospitality of the Armenians.

Or delve into the world of Armenian winemaking, the oldest in the world, reflecting the richness of the local climate and soil, as well as the art of winemaking passed down from generation to generation. And the famous Armenian cognac will delight true gourmets with its exquisite taste and high quality.

A holiday with Golden Apricot Tour is not just a trip, it is an immersion into the wonderful world of Armenia, leaving unforgettable memories.

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