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Birds’ Cave

The “Birds’ Cave” or “Areni-1 Cave” is an archaeological site located in the Areni village of
the Vayots Dzor province in Armenia. Here’s an overview of this significant site:

Discovery: The Birds’ Cave, known scientifically as Areni-1 Cave, gained international attention after
its discovery in 2007 by a team of Armenian and Irish archaeologists led by Boris
Gasparyan and Ron Pinhasi.
The cave was accidentally discovered during a survey of ancient tombs in the area.

Archaeological Significance:The Areni-1 Cave is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Armenia
and the Caucasus region.
Excavations at the site have revealed evidence of human occupation dating back to the
Chalcolithic period (approximately 5000-4000 BCE) and the Bronze Age.
The cave has yielded a wealth of artifacts, including pottery, tools, animal bones, and
human remains, providing valuable insights into the lifestyle, technology, and culture of
ancient inhabitants.

Wine Production: One of the most significant discoveries at the Areni-1 Cave is evidence of early
Archaeologists unearthed a large clay vessel, known as a “karas,” which dates back to
around 4000 BCE and is believed to have been used for wine fermentation and storage.
This discovery suggests that winemaking in the region has a history spanning at least 6,000
years, making Armenia one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world.

Cultural Significance: The Birds’ Cave holds cultural significance not only for its archaeological findings but also
for its connection to Armenian history and identity.
The discovery of ancient winemaking practices reinforces Armenia’s claim to being one of
the cradles of winemaking civilization, alongside other regions such as Georgia and Iran.
The site has become a point of pride for Armenians and has contributed to the promotion
of Armenian wine and cultural heritage.

Visiting Information: The Birds’ Cave is open to visitors, although access to the archaeological excavations may
be restricted.

Tourists interested in visiting the site can inquire locally about guided tours or visit nearby
cultural centers and museums to learn more about the cave’s significance and history.

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