Lake Kari-Lich

Lake Kari-Lich, also known as Lake Kari, is a picturesque alpine lake located in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia, within the Dilijan National Park.

Location: Situated at an altitude of approximately 3,190 meters (10,466 feet) above sea level, Lake Kari-Lich is nestled amidst the stunning landscape of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. It lies on the slopes of Mount Aragats, which is the highest peak in Armenia.

Formation: Lake Kari-Lich was formed as a result of glacial activity during the last ice age. Glacial meltwater accumulated in a depression, creating the lake. Its pristine waters are fed by snowmelt and precipitation, contributing to its clarity and purity.

Scenic Beauty: The lake is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and tranquil ambiance. Surrounded by rocky slopes and alpine meadows, it offers spectacular views of Mount Aragats and the surrounding peaks. The area is rich in biodiversity, with various alpine flora and fauna thriving in the vicinity of the lake.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities: Lake Kari-Lich is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, trekking, and camping. Visitors can embark on scenic hikes around the lake or explore the surrounding trails, immersing themselves in
the natural splendor of the region. The area is also frequented by mountaineers aiming to summit Mount Aragats.

Cultural Significance: In addition to its natural allure, Lake Kari-Lich holds cultural significance in Armenian folklore and history. Mount Aragats is considered a sacred mountain in Armenian mythology, and the surrounding area is steeped in legend and tradition.

Accessibility: Access to Lake Kari-Lich is typically seasonal, as the region experiences heavy snowfall and cold temperatures during the winter months. The most common way to reach the lake is by driving or hiking from the village of Amberd, which is located at the foot
of Mount Aragats. The journey to the lake offers stunning vistas of the Armenian countryside.

Conservation: As part of the Dilijan National Park, Lake Kari-Lich is protected under Armenian environmental laws aimed at preserving its natural beauty and ecological integrity. Visitors are encouraged to practice responsible tourism and respect the delicate ecosystem of the area.

Overall, Lake Kari-Lich stands as a testament to the natural splendor of Armenia, offering visitors a serene retreat amidst the rugged grandeur of the Caucasus Mountains.

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