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Volcano Aragats

volcano Aragats

The extinct volcano Aragats is the highest mountain in modern Armenia and Transcaucasia. It stands as a majestic natural monument with four peaks and a lake in the center.

In ancient times, eruptions accompanied by explosions destroyed the mountain’s peak. Now, around the crater of irregular shape, rise formations resembling the petals of a giant flower with four peaks: the Northern peak at 4090 meters, the Western peak at 4080 meters, the Eastern peak at 3916 meters, and the Southern peak at 3879 meters. Over centuries, numerous eruptions and earthquakes have covered the mountain with rocks and layers of tufa.

The slopes of Aragats are cut by deep gorges, with the largest ones being Geghovit and Amberd, reaching depths of 500 meters. In the Geghovit gorge, three waterfalls cascade down with drops exceeding 100 meters in height. Many large and small rivers originate from Mount Aragats, including Geghovit and Kasakh, Amberd and Sevjur. From late summer to early autumn, an Alpine vegetation carpet covers the mountain. The Alpine landscape of Aragats, with its array of colors, numerous springs, and pristine mountain air, is breathtaking.

Even in the summer, small snow fields can be found on the steep summit slopes of Aragats, where snowdrops and other flowers bloom abundantly. Equally stunning are the panoramic views from the mountain’s summit, with shining mountain lakes amidst emerald green slopes and solitary hills veiled in fog.

Aragats’s beautiful landscape, foothills, mountain belts, and numerous cultural monuments along its slopes make it an intriguing destination for travelers and Alpine climbers.

Many legends and stories about the period of the adoption of Christianity and St. Gregory The Illuminator are associated with Mount Aragats. It has always captivated the attention of travelers due to the remnants of ancient civilizations scattered across its terrain.

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