Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is the highest peak in the Armenian Highlands (5,165 meters). It consists of two conical summits – Greater Ararat (3,925 meters) and Lesser Ararat (5,165 meters). The mountain is located on the right bank of the Aras River, 32 kilometers from the Republic of Armenia. In terms of relative height, Mount Ararat is the tallest mountain in the world (4,300 meters). It is situated in Western Armenia, in present-day Turkey.

Ararat is a biblical holy mountain, where, according to legend, Noah’s Ark landed after the worldwide Flood. Of all the people, only eight survived: Noah, his wife, their sons, and their sons’ wives. The story of Noah and the salvation of his family is recorded in the Bible (Genesis 7:8). From Ararat, Noah journeyed southwest, hence the name of the locality Nakhchivan (“First Refuge”).

In 1829, the first ascent of Mount Ararat was made by Johann Friedrich Parrot, accompanied by Armenian writer Khachatur Abovian, two villagers: Hovhannes Aivazyan and Murad Poghosyan, and two Russian soldiers: Alexey Zdorovenko and Matvey Chelpanov. They conducted physical and bioclimatic research there.

In July 1845, the academician Abich, having carefully studied the features of Ararat, found the shortest path to the summit and brilliantly accomplished his mission.

Due to its beauty, inaccessibility, and rich natural resources, Mount Ararat had a special mystique for Armenians in ancient times. The mountain found its place in Armenian mythology and was regarded with reverence. According to ancient Armenian beliefs, Ararat was the residence of bold gods.

And today, Mount Ararat continues to awe people from around the world. Ararat is our sacred mountain, which still remains one of the symbols of Armenia.

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