There are two versions of the origin of the name “Odzun”. The first is associated with the Armenian word “to sanctify” (Otsel), and the second is associated with “snake” (Odz). It is believed that in the early Middle Ages there were other settlements with a similar name in Armenia. Perhaps it comes from a pagan temple dedicated to the cult of Python (dragon).

In the center of the village there is a domed basilica church from the 4th century. Although according to legend it was built by Catholicos Hovhannes Odznetsi in the 8th century, in fact it was built by King Trdat III in 303-313. The church had a log tiled roof and was a three-nave basilica. There are two versions of the reconstruction of the church: according to one, it was rebuilt at the end of the 6th century, and according to the other, in the 8th century by St. Hovhannes Odznetsi.

The chapel of the Church of the Holy Mother of God (St. Astvatsatsin) is a rectangular hall surrounded by an external vaulted hall on three sides. About 20 bas-reliefs from the 4th century have been preserved on the walls and columns of the church, four of which are unique masterpieces. The bell towers were built in 1888 by the brothers Odznetsi Zakare and Baghdasar Abovyan.

Odzun attracts attention as a monument of history and architecture, combining the uniqueness of architectural forms and the beauty of ancient reliefs inscribed in the stone walls of the church.

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